Tuesday, January 03, 2006

ring in the new year

I'm Feeling: TIRED! (and cold!)
Background Noise: disgruntled carpet installers milling in our hallway

Happy New Year 2006! Here is a glimpse into my dorky-ness: I'm excited about 2006 because I don't like the number 5 very much (I think it's a hard number to write in a way that looks nice) and now I don't have to write it every time I write the date. Scary that my brain takes the time to think about things like that...

As always - it's back to work and "regular" life - my office was cold this morning, my plants look neglected, students are calling with questions, my email inbox is full, and the floor in our hallway is completely torn up in anticipation of new carpeting. Should be interesting trying to work the next few days with carpet noises outside my door (actually, I'm just being negative... I have no idea how loud they'll be).

I got a bunch of new books to read over break - so far, I'm really enjoying Freakonomics - it's along the same kind of lines as The Tipping Point and The Know-It-All (if that means anything to any of you). So far, highly recommended!

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al said...

Sweet! (That book about the guy who tried to read Encyclopedia Britannica seems like cracking good fun.) Honestly, though, I really liked my 5's: I had the whole tail-of-the-five-as-an-underline-to-2005 thing down pat. Oh, well! On to 2006!