Friday, January 13, 2006

would you rather...

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Confession: I am addicted to books. I've never been clinically diagnosed, because (a) I'm not sure there is such a thing as a literary therapist and (b) I don't want to be cured!! (Subcategory to confession: I'm also addicted to bookstores - they smell like paper and ink and usually have cushy armchairs and coffee and I can wander for EVER inside them)

Yesterday, I ordered a couple of things off - one of them was a book called Zobmondo, which is a book full of strange, sometimes inappropriate "would you rather..." style questions. Fun conversation starters, and a great game to play, to be sure. Amazon also has this nifty thing where you can look at the front cover, back cover, and an excerpt of certain books before buying them (which is a nice substitute for actually physically being IN a bookstore). The back cover of the book posed this eternal, pervasive question:

Would you rather spend an entire day with a dead mouse in your butt or a dead frog in your mouth?

Although both options are disturbing (and dead critters = icky), I'd have to say... totally the mouse. It wouldn't be necessary that anyone else be aware of the situation, it wouldn't impede eating or talking for 24 hours (although it would get in the way of bathroom-time). Plus, I'm pretty sure live frogs don't taste that great, so dead ones are probably mildly less appetizing. Just a guess.

Give me more good "Would you rather..." questions!!
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2 thoughts:

Alison said...

katie burley!! i miss you like CRAZZY!!
i havent seen u in forever! i miss you coming over. im sad i wont see u on monday!!:( <--Sad Face!! miss you!!

Dan Price said...

tough choice!