Monday, February 20, 2006

manic monday

I'm Feeling: a little jealous that Mark is still in bed right now...
Background Noise: Down Where the Green Grass Grows by Jed Marum

Wow - busy weekend!! The dance went SO well on Friday (Mark and I tried to look presentable...) - we had about 100 people show up, and people seemed to be mingling, dancing and generally having fun. It's hard to tell - last year we didn't know anyone, and didn't have much fun. This year, we knew at least a dozen people (not WELL, but we're getting there) and I had a ton of fun. SUCH a big thanks to Brooks, Molly, Mike, Janae and Alison - who gave up their Friday evening to help us serve. You all rock!!

Saturday I got to spend time with my friend Katie - we made gingerbread lattes and talked and watched
In Her Shoes - good movie, but the first half is really hard to watch. People were being selfish, getting hurt... but the story was neat, and it ended well. Yesterday I helped in the nursery at church, went to the service (Noel preached, and it was very good), and then we had 6 or 8 people (YoungLife leaders and Mason High School folks) over at our house from about 12 until 6:30 - eating pizza and PB/choc/banana bread, playing ping-pong, foosball, air hockey, euchre, George, signs... it was loud and fun - we know some truly cool people.

God really answered prayer this weekend - I feel like a lot of ground was gained with some of the people at church - working together on a big project does that. I was encouraged by time with Katie, and I had fun with everyone over at our house yesterday. Spending real time with God every morning does wonders for me as well. It's cool to sit back and realize the way He answers our prayers and takes care of us!!
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Julie said...

That's a great picture of you guys! I'm so glad that you had such a wonderful weekend. Glad that they included Love Shack in the mix too :)

thejrmillers said...

it was so much fun planning the dance together! tricia and i really enjoyed the time to get to know you and mark better and just hanging out!

from everyone that we talked with since friday night, we received nothing but extremely positive comments. i thought it was awesome and easily 10x's better than last year...