Monday, February 27, 2006

what's up, spring??

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This winter has not been bad - December was pretty snowy, but January was downright balmy... February has proven to be fairly traditionally winter-ish, but I live in Michigan, so that's normal. However, I find myself growing antsier by the day for the arrival of spring. (I say that as if there is actually a point in time where winter ends and spring begins...)

I'm thinking about plants to put in my yard - I've been hugely unsuccessful at cultivating horticultural life in my flower beds so far. 2006 is the year - I can feel it. Huge, fragrant blossoms will adorn our yard - just wait and see!! Emphasis on the WAIT... considering that the ground is gradually being covered with snow as I type this...

Had a great weekend - got to laugh and play Settlers with good friends, dressed up in a poodle skirt, heard some FABULOUS music at church, went to two bible studies (one with married couples at church, one with 7th grade girls... needless to say, they were very different), and watched a movie with Mark. I was busy and still had time to relax - darn near perfect combo. Here's to starting a new week!!
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Julie said...

Friday was fun... especially since I won at Settlers :)

Kaycee said...

Hi Katie! So I had to post a comment because I am on my lunch and finally had a little time to breath and decided to catch up on my "Katie's blog reading". :) I got all the way back to the one you were sad because no one had posted a comment in a long time - so here's one from me! I love reading your blog, but I don't get to do it very often. But keep posting! I like keeping up with you. One of these days I will email you and tell you about the chaos my life has been lately.