Monday, March 06, 2006

can i go home?

I'm Feeling: (I know I'll regret saying this later...) bored!
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It's officially MSU's Spring Break - the vast majority of our student population has migrated south for a week - in search of sunshine, warmer climes, sand, and (let's be honest) attractive strangers of the opposite gender. This means that campus feels somewhat akin to a ghost town - snow is blowing across empty streets, our building is chilly and quiet, and I have one, count-em, ONE student on my schedule for today. I'm not complaining (not REALLY), but I do prefer being busy.

For example - Saturday, I stepped out of my role as professional academic adviser, and into the role of Mrs. HOSA - the wife of the state director of
Michigan HOSA. This meant that we got up EARLY on Saturday morning - Mark hopped in his car and headed to Dearborn, I hopped into mine and headed for Bay City (and our friend Jamie headed to Macomb). We were each running a regional conference for HOSA (about 300 students travel to compete in health-care related events). From the minute I arrived at Delta College around 7:00am until the moment I left at 4:30pm - I was busier than a one-armed guy driving a stick shift racecar. It was great though! - I mean, I'd prefer to sleep in on most Saturdays, but I really like the "people are relying on me to answer questions, stay organized, know what's going on, and put out fires" kind of feeling. Wouldn't necessarily want to do it every single day of my life, but I really thrive in that kind of environment. Plus, the conference went SO well thanks to all kinds of other people involved - Patsy, Amy, Al, Betty... it was a good day.

Yesterday I got to spend a few hours with some of the 7th grade girls I am closest to through WYLdLife - Courtney, Natalee, Huntar, Christy, Ellen, and Maria gathered for a small-group bible study + dinner. It was fun, and so encouraging. I love those girls!

I'm officially giving notice that my blogging habits may fall by the wayside this week - I'll be traveling to Scott Air Force Base in IL to visit Heather, Ashley and Maggie - and I'm not sure what my time/computer access will look like. Hopefully I come back loaded with stories and pictures to share!!
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Julie said...

I will keep checking your blog thoughout the days that you are gone... hoping for something... anything! You'll be missed! Have a great trip!

I'm glad that your weekend went so well. It was good to see you guys again. My house is trashed from focusing on people. I think that's a good thing!