Thursday, March 02, 2006

a census is to be taken of the entire blogging world...

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March is apparently the time for birthdays - at least in my circle of acquaintances. "Happy Birthday!!"s go out today to Mike and Scott - two good friends from our old church who have moved to Spencerport, NY and Scott Air Force Base, IL; respectively (although Scott is currently stationed in Iraq, and has been since October). I think they turn 33 today. Happy Birthday, guys!

Today, I feel like taking a blog census... I have an idea of how many people read my blog because of
ActiveMeter, but I'm not satisfied. So here goes:

1. Who are you? (this is not meant as a deep, philosophical question... just a name will suffice)
2. How do you know me?
3. How long have you been reading my blog?
4. How often do you read my blog?
5. Do you have any grand and fabulous ideas on what I should post about? Or things that I have posted about that I should NEVER mention again?
6. If you know me in real life, do you think that my blog provides a decent representation of my actual personality? And if you don't know me in real life... what kind of picture does my blog paint of me?
7. If you don't know me in real life... why do you read my blog? If you do know me in real life, please take a moment to compose a haiku (or poem of your choice).

I have to confess that I find blogs a little addicting - not necessarily mine. I mean, I like posting, but mostly because it's fun to know that there are people who like to read it. But I really like reading them too... funny, random stuff you might not ever hear about normally gets highlighted - and I get to keep "in touch" with some people I don't see as often as I'd like.

Random Facts #2:
1. I "window shop" online. Seriously - I'll go to websites, find things I like, even add them to my "shopping cart" - and then not buy them. Is that weird?
2. Yesterday I had Mango-Peach flavored applesauce. It was pretty good - although I like Pear flavored applesauce better (and it's green too, which is cool).
3. Here is the haiku I wrote for my little sister (I confess, I stole the idea from her!):
Megan's hair has curls
My hair is brown like hers but
It does not have curls
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9 thoughts:

Julie said...

I know you from Meridian Christian Church. You and Mark were dating at the time.

I think I've been reading your blog right from the start, or pretty close to it.

I check your blog many times a day. As much as my email. Just in case you happen to post more than once a day.

I've always enjoyed reading your blog. I like the personal stuff. I don't have any grand ideas for posts. I especially like the pictures that go along with your post. (unlike some people we know... he he he)

There once was a girl named Julie
And all she wore was jewelry
The wind blew it all
Nothing was left
That poor naked girl name Julie

Katie said...

I *love* your poem! I laughed out loud - I think if/when you start your own blog, you should post your original poetry.

Anonymous said...

OMG ARE YOU READY FOR IT? I make my comment debut RIGHT NOW, mostly because I can't resiste memes at work. I can't resist anything at work, except, you know, work.

1) This question should have been deep and philosophical, but you lost your chance. I'm Eliezer Gonzalez.

2) I, um, don't know you. Not personally, anyway.

3) Couple of months, now? Megan had it as a link on her journal a while ago.

4) I read blogs once daily.

5) Um, not really. If you don't post about what you want to post about, regardless of other peoples' opinions, what's the point of a blog?

6) Your blog makes you seem exceeding happy. (congratulations.)

7) I read your blog because I'm a blog addict. Also because I can't work for more than 5 uninterrupted minutes. So blogs give me something to do when I should be doing what I'm paid to do.

Katie said...

I feel such a sense of personal achievement at discovering your Kryptonite. I'll keep your inability to work in mind in the future (and just keep stealing memes from Finn)

Julie said...

Glad you liked the poem. I wrote it in jr high. Funny thing... I didn't get that kind of a reaction from my teacher.

By the way, I did start a blog! Didn't you notice that my name is now highlighted in blue?

Kaycee said...

Alright.... here we go.

1. Kaycee Duffey.... used to be Moore when I first met ya though!
2. From being RAs at MSU (Go State!) together.
3. Probably been reading right from the beginning, if not right away then pretty darn close.
4. I try to read it at least once a week, but it depends on how many students come in for help at lunch. :)
5. Grand and fabulous ideas?? Hmm... not off the top of my head. I love hearing about anything at MSU, I miss hanging out with everyone there!
6. I know you in real life and your blog does sound just like you! You always inspire me when I talk to you in person and every few blogs you give me something good to thing about in the same way. :)
7. Umm... I don't think this question is for me. :)

I like the confessions, and if it makes you feel better I do the same thing with window shopping online sometimes. I get all excited and want to buy the stuff, look at the total in the cart and get sad and close the window. :)

Katie said...

It's funny how far away GR seems from Lansing, when it's really only like an hour. We are wusses!! :) I miss you, and hope life is going well, moving along, hi to Cam... I like that you're one of my readers!!
(oh, and way to cop out on the poem... I know you're a science teacher, but come ON!) :D

Jamie said...

1. Jamie Wetzel

2. Met you when you and Mark came to church, got to know you better through Home Group and hanging out, and learned more about you after a couple of car rides to Traverse City!

3. I think I've been reading your blog since you started it...

4. I read your blog about 2 or 3 times a week. It's hard to keep up with everyone's, let along write your own. I think it's a vicious trap that all bloggers get into. You start reading other people's blogs, decide to write your own, and then you don't have time to read other people's!

5. I appreciate your unique posts about trivia and things I don't usually think about, keep it up.

6. Seems like you're pretty open about yourself on your blog.

7. Here's some free-form poetry:
I was in the middle of writing this comment and Maggie crawled over to the computer and promptly pushed the power button. There went my comment. There went Maggie to bed. I should go to bed as well, as I'm getting up at 5:00 am tomorrow morning to drive to Macomb Community College to share some HOSA love. Thus ends my poem.


1) I'm your sister hahahahaha. Megan.

2) I'm your sister.

3) Since you told me about it.

4) Not nearly enough! Eep! Whenever I remember, which, like I said, isn't often enough. I'm a baaaaad little sister.

5) Nope. Keep on doing what you're doing.

6) Sure it does, though it leaves out a lot of the great parts, like fart jokes and pooeypooeybuttfaceheads.

7) Katie has a blog.
I should read it more often.
Bad sister am I.