Wednesday, March 01, 2006

someone has a birthday!

I'm Feeling: like hazelnut hot cocoa is NOT destined to be my #1 favorite flavor of all time...
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Today is my dad's fiftieth birthday - Happy Birthday, dAd!! I know most people aren't that agog (weird word, look it up!) about getting older, but I think it's pretty cool. Granted, I'm only 25, so I have little credibility in this area, but still. My dad's done a lot of things with his life - he's been married for 29 years, he has three kids, two kids-in-law, a silly beagle, mad golfing skills, a nice house with a gi-normous TV and a leather couch to accomodate all of us watching Mystery Men at Christmastime... what more could you ask for? I think it's kinda cool to look at your life and think "I really have done a lot of cool things... I'm blessed!" So here's wishing Dad a blessed and happy birthday!! Posted by Picasa

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