Thursday, March 16, 2006

put your running shoes on

I'm Feeling: ready for a long day (I think...)
Background Noise: Valentine by Martina McBride

Marathon is a word that (for me) automatically brings up images of torturous drudgery - running for hours and hours, exhaustion, pain, and crazy people (who REALLY wants to run that long just for FUN?) Ironically, tonight I have the privilege of taking part in what MSU calls the "Marathon of Majors." Luckily for me, it's nowhere near as bad as the word marathon would suggest - although it is a long night of a LOT of talking. Essentially, all the colleges/departments at MSU get together and answer the questions of the masses of students looking for something meaningful to study during their tenure in college. The bummer is that it means I don't get to leave work until after 7pm. I guess I have to earn my paycheck somehow...

On an entirely separate, and mostly meaningless note... I ate lunch on Tuesday at Bruegger's Bagels (yum!) and there was a sign advertising their green bagels (in honor of St. Patty's Day, of course). They'll turn anything green these days, won't they?

ps. Thanks for listening to me last night, Tucker. I feel lighter this morning.
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4 thoughts:

Julie said...

Funny that you both were feeling kinda yucky... glad you got to talk :)

Michael had a reading day at school and they read Green Eggs and Ham. For their snack they served green scrambled eggs. Michael loved them!

Green things, besides veggies, don't seem right.

Kaycee said...

Glad you are feeling better! Keep smiling because you make the rest of us smile too. :)

Kind of funny that they do Marathon of Majors the same week they torture high school students with the MEAP..... :)

tucker said...

Good luck on your long day. I hope it's more fun than you anticipate.

Mark and Courtney said...

It was great to get to see you last weekend! Sorry I'm just now posting. :) Hope you've recovered from your "vacation"!