Wednesday, March 15, 2006

i'm a pod person

I'm Feeling: not quite myself
Background Noise: Beautiful Soul by Jesse McCartney

Someone/something has taken over my mind today. Normally, I consider myself a fairly positive person - I try to keep my energy level up and I generally enjoy myself from day to day. Today, I've got a full-on case of the BUMMERS. Not sure why. I'm just feeling overwhelmed, ignored, pressed for time, and generally BLECHY. Please pray that this feeling lifts soon - I much prefer being content, in-control and generally un-blechy.

I worked through lunch today, so I'm leaving now. Have a good day!
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Al said...

A Belated Blogging Survey
1. Who are you? (this is not meant as a deep, philosophical question... just a name will suffice)
2. How do you know me?
3. How long have you been reading my blog?
4. How often do you read my blog?
5. Do you have any grand and fabulous ideas on what I should post about? Or things that I have posted about that I should NEVER mention again?
6. If you know me in real life, do you think that my blog provides a decent representation of my actual personality? And if you don't know me in real life... what kind of picture does my blog paint of me?
7. If you don't know me in real life... why do you read my blog? If you do know me in real life, please take a moment to compose a haiku (or poem of your choice).

A Belated Response
1.) Alan John Dore, but you can surely call me Al.
2.) I know you through your husband Mark and through your position as the First HOSA Lady.
3.) I believe I first found your blog after you left me a comment on Blooperball and Gilmore Girls, and I've been an avid reader ever since.
4.) Realistically, I probably read your blog anywhere from two to four times per week. It's top-notch!
5.) I have no comment on what you should blog — I trust your judgment and enjoy the randomness.
6.) I guess I can answer this in two ways. Yes, I’ve had the pleasure of making your acquaintance in the aptly-named “real world,” and yet I feel like I know you better because of your Net posts. Therefore, I’ll say that your blog paints you as a fun-loving girl who is having the time of her life as a twenty-five-year-old. You seem to enjoy your job (as you like to be kept busy), but from what I gather, there is nothing you love more than sharing with friends and living for your faith. From the brief time that I’ve actually spoken with you (although you seemed to be in your Mrs.-HOSA-in-the-Zone mindset at that point), I think you fit the bill perfectly.
7.) Again, I might apply for both sides of this fence. I read your blog because it’s amusing and um, informative? I am not entirely sure, to be honest with you; I guess I do it because I enjoy doing it and feeling enlightened through it: you’re a breath of fresh electronic air! ‘Those who read Burley blogs have no reason to do so except that they do.’ Yep, that’s close enough!

I know you through Mark
And you seem like a cool cat
I’m glad I met you

I might try a better one later; my Japanese poetry’s still a little rusty.