Wednesday, April 12, 2006


I'm Feeling: a teensy bit frazzled
Background Noise: 1985 by Bowling for Soup

I want a pair of earmuffs for work... not because it's chilly in here, but to drown out the same questions that get asked over and over... it's nobody's fault (not like I expect everyone to know the answers themselves)... I'm just in need of earmuffs. Or a tape player, with all the most commonly answered questions on it - so I can just push play when another student walks in.

I feel like a broken record these days: busy at work, busy at home, all is well... blah blah blah. Those are good things to be stuck on, but I feel bad for my 3 or so loyal readers. So rather than making you listen (read) all about this repetitive cycle I'm in... I thought you could entertain me.

1. What's one tiny (preferably dorky) thing that can always make your day better?
2. What is your favorite drink containing ice cream?
3. What do you want for your birthday?
4. What's your favorite type of weather?
5. Name one thing you're a tiny bit ashamed to admit you own.

That's the best I can do today... looking forward to your answers!! :D
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4 thoughts:

Julie said...

It makes my day when someone comments on my blog.

I love chocolate/peanutbutter shakes made with chocolate icecream.

My favorite type of weather is happening right now. You never know what to wear and there's little bits of sun when you least expect it.

I own a Tony Little Gazzelle. I love it but it's been out of our house for about two years now.

Kaycee said...

1. Looking at the clock and seeing it is 5:08 - one of those leftover inside jokes from way back in high school that still makes me laugh. :)

2. Root beer float! Yum! Or a mint chocolate chip shake... although mackinaw island fudge shakes are good too, but hard to eat because they turn gray and look yucky.

3. I want a cordless mouse. It is the stupidest little thing but my hand falls asleep when I am on the computer for awhile (which happens to me often while makeing tests, notes, etc) because it is on the lower part of our desk. The cord isn't long enough to move it up. :) I know, so boring.

4. During the day ... Sunny, but cool enough you can wear jeans and a shirt and be comfortable. At night... thunderstorms with lots of thunder and lighting and hard rain.

5. I have one Britney Spears song on my iTunes. The one with the pretty piano background in it.

You should make a FAQ Website and then whenever they ask you the same questions (especially in IM or email) just send them the web address and tell them to go there first. :)

Jamie said...

1. Smiles from my kids make my day.

2. Not sure if a Frosty from Wendy's contains any actual ice cream, but I'll go with it.

3. I asked for books and new, ahem, undergarments for my next birthday.

4. I like 65 degrees so I can where shorts with a t-shirt.

5. Kelly Clarkson's Breakaway CD.

Dana said...

1. Almost anything can make my day better. Especially if it has to do with people I love or Harry Potter.
2. Root Beer Float YAY!
3. Anyone's attention.
4. Beach weather, so sunny and hot.
5. I am not ashamed to own anything (not kidding) but something that will provide humor to people is the fact that I own a DVD and VHS of Gone With the Wind, and own 3 copies of the book.