Friday, April 14, 2006

end of a long week...

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These are my silly friends Lauren and Jillian (a picture from the B & W party we had at our house a week ago). They're both volunteer leaders w/YoungLife and WYLdLife, and they're amazing women. Aside from being drop-dead gorgeous - they have big hearts, lots of love for other people, and they always have a hug and smile to greet you. I get to see them at least every Friday (more often if I'm lucky).

What a week - days are buzzing right by - lots of work, lots of things going on in the evenings. Mark has a LOT to do for his upcoming HOSA conference, and is starting to feel a cold/flu thing coming on. Please cover him with prayer - there's never a good time to be sick, but this is definitely NOT an option right now!! Send healthy thoughts his way!

I'm a little bummed that I've been so busy with work and whatnot this week - I know I haven't given myself appropriate time to meditate on this time of year - especially to prepare my heart for tonight. I love Easter - as a kid, it was more because of candy, presents, egg hunts, pretty dresses, and flowers in church. I still like those things very much, but I resonate much more with the celebration - the incomparable victory of Christ overcoming sin and death, and the unimaginable depth of His sacrifice for us. Blessings to you this weekend - I pray that you and I both will be able to find some time to be still this weekend. Be still and know He is Lord.

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