Friday, April 07, 2006

get ready!

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Tonight there is going to be a big party at our house - and the best part is - I'm not planning it! It's our friend Tony's birthday today, and some of the YL gang wanted to have a party for him, and asked us if our house could serve as the venue. So it happens that tonight at 9pm, people will descend en masse upon our house, decked out (it's a dress-up, you can only wear black and/or white party), to celebrate 20 years of Tony.

I know that some people are buying new clothes for the party, and as much as I love to shop, I decided to wear something I already own. This is my never-fail black party dress. It has accompanied me to many weddings, church, work, and even (its original debut) to my high school graduation. That's right, this dress is 8 years old. But it's simple, plain black, and I just love it. It's nice to have a fall-back. And, I don't have to drop extra money on a new dress that I'll only wear twice a year.
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Julie said...

9:00? I'd be shutting down about then :) Hope it was fun! I like the black/white idea.