Thursday, April 06, 2006

pointless grins

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Driving into work this morning, I was stopped at the light at Farm Road and South Shaw Lane on campus. I glanced in my rearview mirror, and the woman in the car behind me was smiling. Not just regular smiling... she was grinning. All alone in the car, no cel phone stapled to her ear, or even a little earpiece. Just smiling. The radio could have been on, of course - I have no idea. But I kinda like to think she was just smiling for the heck of it. It was kinda cool.

Superduper busy around here these days - nonstop flow of appointments, emails, phone calls - so much so that I neglected my blog yesterday! That may be the way of things around here for the next few weeks. Hang in there with me!

I hope you catch yourself smiling for no reason at all today!!
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4 thoughts:

Julie said...

I heard a story of a guy that was always grumpy by the time he arrived at work because of the traffic. He tried an experiement. He would smile the whole way to the office. It worked. He was a much happier person once he arrived.

Dana said...

Once when I was in traffic I looked over and saw a guy chug a bottle of cough syrup... weird what you see in traffic... :)

Katie said...

Nodding your head makes you happier too... weird how we're actually not that complicated sometimes, huh?

Chugging a whole bottle of cough syrup could put you in the category of "driving under the influence."

Mark and Courtney said...

It always amazes me when I'm driving and I look around and see how many people are doing something akin to scowling. We must be a most unhappy people based on our driving expressions!