Monday, April 17, 2006

had a ball!

I'm Feeling: hungry (almost lunch time!)
Background Noise: Take My Breath Away by Berlin

Date: April 29, 1999
Time: somewhere around 9pm-ish until almost 5am
What: Mark and I have our first significant conversation - we'd only been spending time together for a couple of days, and were still very much in the starry-eyed, cautiously flirty (well, I was cautious) stage of getting to know one another. We rolled a tennis ball back and forth across the floor of his residence hall room the whole time we talked.

Date: yesterday
Time: almost 10pm
What: I run upstairs to get the big bouncy ball that was part of Mark's Easter basket gift, and we bounce, roll, catapult, hurl and kick the ball back and forth all night while we talk, laugh, and try to relax from the impending work-stress looming ahead of us this week.
(Just kidding, it was really only about a half-hour... but still!)

I've decided to write a book about this phenomenon. Mark and I invariably have better (that is - more fun, more effective) conversations when we are DOING something. (This may be why our basement is littered with ping pong, foosball, and air hockey implements.) Now last night there wasn't anything life-altering to discuss, but we sure did laugh a lot. And honed our pirate-like reflexes. I'll never have a conversation without it again. :D
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3 thoughts:

Julie said...

So, you'll never have another conversation without pirate faces or without doing something? he he Glad you had a good time together.

Katie said...

Never have another conversation without the giant green ball. Although we may get different colors at some point, just to keep things interesting. :)

tucker said...

The ball was great! I think everyone should carry a ball where ever they go. Does that make me sound like a boy?