Wednesday, May 03, 2006

never too old!

I'm Feeling: better than yesterday!!
Background Noise: Ring of Fire, performed by Joaquin Phoenix

After hiding out Monday night and all day Tuesday (Katie stayed home sick and slept her hours away - I felt like a lazy blob, but at least I'm healthier than I was!!), I started my day off right with Lucky Charms this morning. Who says dried marshmallows in cereal isn't for adults??

Work's good today - still amazingly busy for finals week - students are usually holed up studying hard at this point... I had a frustrating altercation this morning though. MSU's policy on final exams states that no student should have to take more than 2 finals in one day - and if 3 or more are scheduled, they have permission to get one moved. Long story short, a Journalism major was trying to get her Political Science professor to allow her to take her exam later this week, and he refused. I even offered to proctor the exam for him, so he wouldn't have to do anything extra at all. He stared right at this poor, stressed out sophomore, who was basically begging for a favor, and said no. Who does that?? The gal left our floor in tears - off to try to study for her remaining two finals - which, I forgot to mention - are TODAY!! Granted, there was some poor planning on her part, but I just don't see why it's such an inconvenience to help students out when they need it. Said Professor would not even have a job if there weren't any students here at MSU.

Rant complete - I just get bummed out when something/someone else is preventing me from being able to help a student. Isn't that a huge part of what we're here for?

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