Monday, May 15, 2006

rain, rain, go away...

I'm Feeling: a little water-logged
Background Noise: Accentuate the Positive by Johnny Mercer

Ok - those that know me know that I'm not one to whine about rain - I like rainy days and I like thunderstorms... but it's been 4 days straight now, and I'd like to see Mr. Sun come out again. Everything is VERY green, but I'm pretty sure I remember from 3rd grade science class that plants and trees also need sunshine in order to grow. Begone, clouds!!

Had a pretty fun weekend - went to the 'Buck with Katie Friday night (we can seriously sit there for HOURS), went to Courtney's birthday party Saturday night (she just turned 13), made banana bread, and got to spend some time with Mark's family yesterday. All - in - all, fairly productive and fun.

Random update on Kate's life: I'm rebelling against laundry. Usually, I'm pretty good at getting things done that need to get done, even if they're not my favorite things to do. Lately, I have NO ambition to do laundry at all, so I haven't. I'll put it in the washer, even move it to the dryer, but there I stop. I won't take it out, won't fold it, and won't put it away. I wonder what's up with that, and when it will wear off... it makes our house a little messier than usual... :)
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Julie said...

I'm thinking that once the rain slows down you'll be more motivated to do laundry. That's what I'm hoping for myself anyway.

It has been raining too long. I'm excited to see how much our sunflowers grow when the sun finally shines. Everythings going to grow like crazy!