Wednesday, May 10, 2006

where'd whooo goooo...?

I'm Feeling: like I'm thinking too much
Background Noise: Simply Trust by Cross-eyed

Ever wish you could be a chameleon? I think it would be cool to be able to blend into your environment, just hang out and have no one really notice you. I wouldn't necessarily want to spy on people, but just to be able to occasionally disappear. Every once in awhile, when I get really busy or my brain goes on overdrive, I wish I could be a chameleon. Felt that way today a little bit.

Visited the fam in Chicago this weekend, which was nice. We celebrated Mom and Dad's 50th birthdays, and ate WAY too much food. Mark and I both had the day off on Monday, which was fabulous - we got to visit the middle school, work in the yard, get a ton of stuff done - and we got to hang out together. Gotta love it.

School is over, but grades are being posted, and summer school is starting, so things are still busy - although nowhere near the past month or two. I'm enjoying the relative quietness of my office, and campus is just lovely this time of year.

That's all from this front - I'll try to have a good story for you tomorrow!! Posted by Picasa

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