Tuesday, June 06, 2006

helter skelter

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Background Noise: Reign in Me by Brenton Brown

Well, first off - here is a photo collage of some of the black and white pictures I took in France. The first one is a water tower in Montpellier, the second is on the Esplanade du Charles De Gaulle (a garden area in Montpellier), the next 5 (going across from left to right) are all of Carcassonne - the medeival walled city I visited, and the last 2 are from the restaurant in the country/mountains we ate at on Thursday (my last day in France). I saw some really beautiful stuff.

It's not even noon, and I feel like a lot has happened today already. I ate a delicious (if not spectacularly healthy) breakfast, courtesy of Coryell and Mark - and had great company - Mark, Al, Cory and I had a fun morning. Then at nine, I had an interview for an adviser position in the Psychology department - I think it went really well. I'm praying for God to make my path straight in terms of making these decisions, and I think if I don't get this job, it's because it's really not in His plan for me. There's no feeling of "why on earth did I say that?" or anything. I've seen 2 students, and am about to head to lunch with a friend in a little while.

It's a beautiful day - take advantage of the opportunities God is placing in your life today - even if it's just a trip to get an ice cream cone.

3 thoughts:

Dana said...

Great, potentially move to the psych department after I'm gone. How long till you hear how everything lands?

Katie said...

Supposedly I'll hear sometime next week - the last person they're interviewing comes in tomorrow, then they need to make decisions.

I hate the waiting part.



Also, those pictures are BEEAAAUUUTIFUL. You should turn them into a SLIDE SHOW and narrate them when you come visit in a few weeks. :D