Wednesday, June 07, 2006

i heart summertime!

I'm Feeling: like dancing (not sure why)
Background Noise: Folsom Prison Blues by Joaquin Phoenix (Walk the Line)

The office is so much quieter in the summer. Not just the office, when it comes to that - but the whole campus. There are fewer people here, yes, but it's also a palpable change in energy. Everyone is a bit more mellow, a little less stressed, and a lot less Seasonal Affective Disorder-ish. It's nice. I prefer to be a little busier than I am right now, but it's good to know that life isn't always dragging you along as fast as you can run. Sometimes, I set the pace.

Today is a little gloomy/drizzly, but I still enjoy the summer-time so much... I like warmer weather, sunshine, flowers, kids playing outside, and the fact that we can take a walk pretty much every night if we want to. One thing that isn't so enchanting - I've started counting up some mosquito bites. They love to bite me, and my delicate-like-a-flower skin just puffs right up and gets all itchy. Maybe there is some kind of scare-mosquito (like a scarecrow) thing I could rig up outside my house. RAWR Mosquitos! Go away!

I know that the pic for today is one of the ones in the collage I posted yesterday - but it was such a pretty place. I walked by there basically every day I was in France - you had to walk up 102 steps to get there (and that was the only way to get downtown - makes for a good butt/legs workout).

Happy Wednesday!!

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Julie said...

This is my 3rd try at leaving a comment... it seems to disappear every time...

I like the picture! It seems so peaceful. I bet it was nice seeing it so many times.

I'm the same way about mosquito's. I, who never goes outside, have 10 bites. While Michael has 2. Those crazy critters!