Tuesday, June 13, 2006

so simple

Did you know... the Andamanese language has words for only two numbers... one and more than one. Way to keep life simple, folks!

Academic Orientation Program (aka AOP) began at MSU today - I think it's fun to meet the incoming students - they're nervous, excited, tired, bored, ready to go, enthusiastic, grumpy - and everything in between. Mostly, they're really pumped to meet someone at MSU that wants to know them, laugh a little bit, and help them out.

I'm constantly humbled by how easy it actually is (most of the time) to help someone out, and make a real difference in his/her day. Guilt washes over me when students are so profoundly thankful for something that took minimal effort on my part. But what wasn't a big deal to me was absolutely huge in their world - I need to keep that in mind. Why is it that we don't jump on every opportunity that presents itself - when we know that so often, just caring about someone's problem can make all the difference?

LOVE your neighbor.
It really can be that simple.

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tucker said...

Right on! I say (so does Paul) against such things, there is no law!