Monday, June 12, 2006

goin' places

I'm Feeling: frustrated and uncreative
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I just wrote a beautiful, delightful blog... and it didn't upload properly. The kicker is that it didn't come up with an error message - it just didn't work. And the window you type in disappears when you click "submit" so there's no way to go back, and cut and paste fabulously creative and inspiring words into a new blog. Big fat bummer.

Here's the gist - I'm totally stoked (yes, I just actually typed the word "stoked") to go to the U.S. Open (tennis) in September - my parents are taking us all (Meg, Adam, Melissa, Mark and me) as some kind of present to themselves - which is way cool. We have our hotel, our flights, and our tickets onto the grounds - it'll be awesome!! Mark, Meg, and I all played tennis in high school, and my dad is pretty good with a racket too - we all like watching tennis on TV (I know, tennis on TV = death for some of you). Maybe we'll get discovered for our raw athletic talent and start playing professional tennis. Weirder things have happened. I think.

I water-skied this weekend – let me tell you about my mad skills on the water. Not actual water-skiing skills… wipe-out skills. Now, I can’t watch myself, and I may be biased – but I crash harder and more spectacularly than anyone else out on the water. You’re not really skiing if you don’t get water in your lungs, the wind knocked out of you, big bluish-greenish bruises on your legs from spinning like a top across the water and sending your skis flying. And believe it or not – it’s totally fun. Granted, my body is not speaking to me today because of the pain it’s in – but it’s SO much more fun to ski than to try to ski (what I spent the past 4 summers doing).

Rounded out the weekend with a wild game of lava freeze tag at the park in Mason – we played for about an hour and were all heaving and sweating by the end. How do little kids play like that all day?

Fun weekend – lots of good people, got some sun, and now it’s back to the grind (stop laughing, I’ve actually been very productive today).

2 thoughts:

Coryell said...

I think we were trying harder than little kids. Rarely do you see a kid in a dead sprint through the playground. Don't worry about being unproductive, I am too. I came in an hour later than I had planned on, and there is no real work to do, so I am just farting around, looking like I am doing real work. I'm sure you are doing more important things like planning students futures and stuff.

tucker said...

I think if we started practicing at the open we might be able to get in. It IS an OPEN right? Maybe we'll just play out of our minds and take them all down.