Wednesday, July 26, 2006

confessions of a mid-twenties wacko

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I have a confession to make. (sidenote: blogging is really good for stuff like this - it doesn't seem like you're talking to anyone, so you can say whatever you like, but at the same time, you know you're spilling your guts about necessary things. Sidenote finished).

My confession: I've been really emotional/mood-swingy lately. Not a clue why. Everyone's first response: "Are you pregnant?" Nope. Second response: "Are you PMS-ing?" Not for two weeks straight, unless my body is reacting to some sort of radiation that has exposed me to unheard-of hormone levels. Third response: "Are you exercising regularly?" Not exactly, but then, I never really have, so there's no reason why my body should suddenly decide to freak out about it.

I'm a person who likes being busy, I like having lots of things to do... but I also like to have some measure of control over those things. Right now in my life - there are a few things that seem so far beyond my control - things that need to be decided, things that need to change, things that I've been dealing with for a long time that don't ever seem to resolve themselves... I've psycho-analyzed myself and decided that this combination is why I've become an emotional pod-person.

In summary - please offer up some prayers for me - I need peace, I need to turn things over to God's sovereign hands, and I need patience as some things will only work themselves out with time. And Mark needs prayer too, because he has to live with me through all this.

If we hang out in the near future, and I (out-of-the-blue) get all weird and teary-eyed and quiet... just wait a few minutes, try to make me laugh, and know that it has nothing to do with you.

(p.s. the picture is of an ancient confessional - where you pour out your guts to the priest... not some scary haunted jail or something, which is what I think it kinda looks like...)

4 thoughts:

Julie said...

Take my made-up online quize and I'll come up with an answer for you:

1. How old are you?
2. How many hours of sleep do you get each night on average?
3. Do you take advantage of a sleep in day?
4. Have you been consuming a larger than normal amount of caffeine lately?

Pleas allow 2-4 hours for you results.

Mark and Courtney said...

I'm sorry you're not feeling emotionally up to par. I'm praying that God gives you wisdom to make the decisions you need to and peace about accepting the ones that are already made! :)

Katie said...

1. I am 25
2. usually 7
3. not sure what this means - I don't usually nap, but I know I benefit from sleeping well at night.
4. No.

Julie said...

Boy, I feel dumb. I write a silly, yet scientific, comment and Courtney shows her concern for you. I hope you feel better, too :)

The reason for my list of questions is because I have gone through those same times before. These are the results that I have come up with.

1. 25 marks 1/4 of a century. One can feel at a crossroads of life, thus putting stress on your body and mind.
2. You should be getting 7.5 hours of sleep. I just have that number in my head.
3. A 'sleep in day' is a day that you can wake up when YOU want. No alarm clocks. This is especially coveted when you are required to get up every day of the week at the same time.
4. Caffeine can cause agitated sleep patterns and many other health related concerns that can cause emotional unstableness.

I'm sorry that that you've been feeling so yucky. It's not fun. Make the most of it! Watch your favorite chick flick and cry your eyes out!