Tuesday, July 25, 2006

soup and interviews

I'm Feeling: so full
Background Noise: hallway chatter + James Taylor's crooning

We always go to Olive Garden when our friends at work have birthdays - so Jane, Jen, Kay and I went out to eat today for Kay's birthday (which is next week, but schedules demanded an early celebration). Delicious. It's also a really funny group of people - I'm the youngest by about 18 years, and Kay is a techie, Jen works in Career Services, and Jane and I are both more student affairs-y people. But mostly, we all laugh a lot at stupid things and have a good time.

I have a job interview on Friday - still at MSU, just working in a different department doing slightly different things. Job interviews stink - and I'm not sure if knowing that people are "talking me up" prior to the interview makes me feel better or worse. Is it better to keep expectations low or to have their opinion already be formed that you're amazing so that it doesn't matter what you say? At any rate - pray for Friday!! Updates are forthcoming.

I need a break from work, I think. Good thing we're going to Cedar Point this week and camp next week, otherwise I might lose my mind.

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