Friday, September 22, 2006

long-winded re-cap

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I got a subtle hint that I may be neglecting my blog - so here goes with an update on me...
Mark has been out of town since Monday morning, and he'll be back late tonight - everyone asks how I'm doing while he's gone, so I thought I'd tell you!

Monday was our first WyldLife event of the school year - we had about 40 kids show up (which is great!) and we had a lot of fun. I was in charge of the talk, and I think it went really well.
Tuesday I went to the 8th grade girls' basketball game (they beat Eaton Rapids), ate a steak dinner with Brooks (our new roommate for the year), went for a run with Lauren (which ended with my cruddy running shoes making my left knee HURT for a day and a half) and then went to our in-depth Bible study at 9:00pm (to return home at 11:40).
Wednesday - I had coffee with Meredith, went to a student organization meeting (I'm the advisor for the group), had dinner with Chelsie, then went home and watched Friends with Brooks.
Last night I went to the credit union to get a check cut in Canadian dollars (Kristen and I are going to a B & B in Ontario for a weekend in October and they don't take credit cards... sigh), then headed to Main Dish Kitchen (my new favorite thing) to make some dinners for the next month. Brooks and I ate a fabulous Taco Bell dinner together, then I went to Beaner's with Cheryl. Home by 9:00, watched more Friends with Brooks, then bed.

(Gosh, when I read back through that, I sound like Ms. Social... it's deceiving... :) )
It's been a busy week, but really really fun. I'm looking forward to being home this weekend, sleeping in, and seeing my husband again!

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Julie said...

I've been putsing around at the Main Dish Kitchen web site. I can see why it has become your new favorite thing! What a wonderful idea!

I've heard of people getting together and basically doing the same thing... premaking meals and exchanging them. This sounds so nice! Everything is already cut up for you and in a few hours you have a ton of main dishes!

Does it sound like I work for the company and I'm trying to get others hooked :) I don't... it's just a great idea.

Katie said...

I was there for an hour last night - I made 6 dishes (which for us, I split in half so they serve 2-3 people each) - so I made 12 dinners in 60 minutes, essentially (108 bucks for 12 dinners = 9 dollars each - not bad!!). The place is so clean, they wash all the dishes for you, and everyone was super friendly.

I'm going again in October - maybe you can come with me! :) It would be fun - even if you don't want any meals, you can just check it out and help me make mine.

Julie said...

That sounds like fun! I would love to go with you and help you out! Just let me know the day :)