Monday, September 25, 2006

i wanna be a...

photographer. I'm hoping to take a photography class through LCC next semester and learn a little more about the technical side (rather than just pointing my camera at something that looks pretty and pushing a button...)

I always catch myself driving or walking somewhere and thinking "I wish I had my camera." It happened to me on my way to church Sunday morning - I actually called Mark and asked him to bring the camera with him when he came (I was going earlier than him) so that I could get a picture on my way home. I actually took about 10 pictures total! I'm proud of myself... it can get exhausting to always talk about the things you wish you could do, or would do if you had time. I just wanted to suck it up and actually do it - rather than talk about it. And I did.

Got to relax this weekend, which was fabulous, and I have a busy week coming up, but I think it'll be really fun. That's what I'm going to expect, at least. :)

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