Friday, October 06, 2006

I confess!

I'm having a cranky morning. This past week has been kinda tough, and some of my frustration has (I believe) a legitimate base. However, I'm well aware that it's eating at me in an unhealthy way, and bringing out my not-so-favorite characteristics.

My problem is that when I get upset or frustrated with one area of my life - it tends to seep everywhere. Feeling lonely makes me cranky with Mark - stress at work makes me not want to participate in my other commitments - the house being a mess leaves me feeling upset with everything that is keeping me from being able to spend the time cleaning it up...

I'm not sure why I always react this way. I tend to put myself personally into things - which a lot of the time is really a great thing... but in these situations, it means I don't keep things in perspective very well.

Anyone else know what I mean? Have any tips?

2 thoughts:

Kaycee said...

Umm... are we the same person?? I know exactly what you mean! When I get stressed it totally effects everything else, when I have a bad class (or student) at school it can throw me off the rest of the day, when my mom frustrates me I get frustrated when Cam when he didn't even do anything, etc, etc.

Like you I try to recognize when I am doing it and apologize if I am being unreasonable to someone. But that's not always as easy as it sounds. :)

I posted a long comment the other day to the photography post you had awhile ago, but I just looked and it didn't post. Wonder how many times that has happened to me?? :(

Katie said...

KAYCEE! :) I miss you - it's good to see you back on my blog (I know the comments and stuff sometimes get really weird - lots of people have problems with that). Sometimes I write up a whole post and it disappears... grr!

How is school? Cam? Your family? You? (I saw Brandon Lupp yesterday in Owen - he is getting his JD and MBA at the same time -shocker! - He and Courtney live in East Lansing - it's funny to see old friends like that!)