Tuesday, October 03, 2006

split personality

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I went to an MBTI training on Friday (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator - it's a personality assessment tool). It was fun (to me) - I like those types of things. My problem with Myers-Briggs has been that every time I take it, I have a different personality.

It measures 4 different aspects of personality:
1. Introversion v. Extraversion
2. Sensing v. Intuition
3. Feeling v. Thinking
4. Judging v. Perceiving

I took the assessment again over the weekend, and my results declared me an ENFJ - with strong scores in the "N" and "F" categories, and very slight tendencies toward the "E" and "J" side of life. I think this is fairly accurate, although I'm inclined to believe I'm actually an introvert who likes to talk and interact with a couple people at a time. True extraverts like big crowds and new people - those things tend to drain my energy a bit.

At any rate - it was fun to "discover" my personality this morning when my results came back - and it appears that if ENFJ is indeed my true personality type, that I'm in the right line of work. Way to be.

2 thoughts:

Julie said...

Whats the 'N' stand for?

Katie said...

N is for iNtuition :)
Sorry - I forgot that part... they just couldn't have another "I" - people would get all confused...