Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I'm gonna make the charts!!

A student I had seen early last week came in for another appointment this morning. This poor gal (I'll call her "T") had had a crazy week - 2 tests, a project/presentation, work, and trying to visit the 200+ company Career Gallery that was on campus (to find internships). Needless to say, T was awfully stressed last week, and I sent her away with chocolate in hand (that makes everything better) - along with some practical assistance, of course.

This morning for our appointment, T was frazzled because she'd done poorly on a test last week, and gotten a very unhelpful response when she approached her instructor for assistance. We spent most of the 30 minute appointment trying to ease a little of the frustration and anxiety T was experiencing. No chocolates were given today - just Kleenex.

Here's how our conversation wrapped up:

T: I'll probably come in and see you again before I decide whether or not to drop this class.
Katie: Sounds great.
T: I may just come in and see you every week. (laughs nervously)
Katie: Not a problem - so far, my appointment schedule has been fairly open. (smiles)
T: You'll start to get real popular soon.
Katie: (heart melts a little)

Everyone who has ever had a job knows that there are days when you just don't feel like it. No matter how much you like what you're doing - sometimes, you catch yourself wishing for something else. Moments like that help to remind me that I really do like my job a lot, and that I'm good at it. And I didn't even do anything spectacular - I provide chocolate, kleenex, information and advice - and I listen to people who need to siphon off some stress.

Thanks, T. Come in as often as you want - it reminds me why I like my job, and why I do what I do.

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Mark and Courtney said...

Good job, Katie! I wish all of my advisors had offered chocolate. They were too busy trying to steer all of the girls out of a chemistry major. *sigh*