Friday, November 10, 2006

i OwE yOu!

I feel like I owe you - (it's hard to write that out full-length, just FYI) :D - a little bit more than just pictures of what food the silly online quizzes say that I am. You're probably thinking - "What's the down-low on Katie's life? I want to get the skinny, I wanna know what's happs, gimme the dirt..."
Okay, you're thinking none of those things (although if you are, I think your slang vocabulary is totally rad. like, for sure.).
I had four lunch dates in four days at work - Monday was Pizza House with Jamie and Shannon (gals I worked with in the College of Social Science), Tuesday was lunch with Lauren (always fun, plus she decided she needed to know my "boy history" - her words, not mine - which makes for funny lunchtime conversation), Wednesday was lunch with the 8th graders at Mason MS, and yesterday I ate with Jane (I really miss working with her everyday - what a FUN lady...)
Work is A-OK - busy some days, not so busy other days.
WyldLife is going great - we had almost 50 kids show up on Monday, and one kid already signed up for winter camp in February (he turned in the form and money less than 48 hours after we handed it out... that's a record for a middle schooler!)
This weekend will be (I think) pretty low-key. Mark will be gone, and Brooks and I don't really have much going on. Probably wash/dry/fold lots of laundry, and read a book or two.

Nerdy thing I'm most excited about this week: The equivalent of NetFlix for books - The name is deceiving because it's not actually free at all - but it's essentially an online library that keeps track of the books I want to read and sends them to me automatically. I figured it's worth a try - I could read some great new stuff, and not charge a bajillion dollars at Barnes & Noble and every month. I have a fairly expensive book habit. (ps - I know libraries are free, but I'm just too lazy for that. Plus, I have a habit of keeping things too long and paying late fees anyway - I'm pretty sure Mark and I are going to have to sell my car to pay the fee on an audiobook we've had for (literally) a couple of years.)

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