Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Top Ten Reasons I'm a Dork...

10. This week, I downloaded directions on how to draw a turkey - I wanted to have a turkey on the chalkboard in my office.
9. I color code my calendar - green for work, blue for YoungLife, orange for Mark, pink for me... you get the idea.
8. My dad, sister and I laughed for ten minutes last night about what it would be like if our butts had knuckles (all rooted in my dad coining the nickname "butt-knuckle" eons ago... in case you're wondering, a butt-knuckle is like a goofball, only more ornery)
7. My sister and I habitually buy at least one bottle of sparkling grape juice whenever we're together, and we finish the whole stinking thing. Fast. Then we burp a lot...
6. Driving home last night, I got real sad because I realized I'd left my copy of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince at work (I've read the book at least 3 times already). Then I got real happy because my books arrived in the mail, so I had something to curl up and read anyway.
5. I separate all the silverware in my dishwasher. And everything has to point up, except the sharp knives (obviously!). I'll reach in an rearrange gooky silverware if someone else does it wrong.
4. I seriously look forward to watching Scrubs with Mark and Brooks at night - we all sing along with the theme song at the beginning, and mock the funny sound that wraps up the end of each episode.
3. I'm making myself a pair of flannel teddy-bear pajamas. Yes, I just had my 26th birthday last month. Teddy bears are for grown-ups too...
2. I have a folder on my computer designated for the spreadsheet I've created just for myself. There are currently 7 excel files in that folder. They are all color-coded also... of course.
1. Really, I'm a dork because I want to be. I like math problems, I re-read books over and over, I like going to matinee movies with my little sister, laughing with your dad about butts is always funny... is there really any other alternative to dorkhood?

What are the top ten reasons YOU'RE a dork?

4 thoughts:

tucker said...

How about the top three..

3. I'm four years behind the fassion train.
2. I like spending my time at coffee shops that have wireless.
1. I happen to be in love with a really hot dork.

Anonymous said...

I take offense to some of these. Rereading books over and over, liking sparkling grape juice (and subsequently burping), and being organized and tidy (and color-coded) should be on your list of things that make you cool. It's cool to do those things, I say!

The butt-knuckles thing, though. Yeah. Totally dorky. :)

-e. gonzalez

Katie said...

I should qualify this post with the information that I:
1. Enjoy being a dork.
2. Intend to continue being a dork.
3. Admit to all of the above with my head held high.
4. Think other people who are dorks are awesome.

Wendy said...

I color code everything!
I stack my silverware in the drawer.
I fold socks instead of rolling them into a ball.