Wednesday, November 29, 2006

my job has a mental disorder

If jobs could be diagnosed with mental illnesses, mine would be manic-depressive. Monday I had 11 appointments, Tuesday I had 6 in the morning, and 2.5 hours of meetings in the afternoon. Two busy busy days.
Today - I was supposed to have a staff meeting, but that got canceled. Now I don't have anything until the freshman seminar class at 1:30 or so. And that's it. Nothing else today. I can work on other projects and things, but basically, I am sitting at my desk. Alone. Weird.

2 thoughts:

Jamie said...

Savor it!

Anonymous said...

I think my problem right now at work is that I had so many of those moments you're having now, with nothing to do, that now that it's crunch time, my brain is completely resistant to the idea of having to work. It's sort of the same effect as having a three day weekend, after which the thought of work is especially unbearable.