Wednesday, November 22, 2006

a whole week!

I've been neglecting my blog duties of late, and I apologize... it's mostly because there's not anything new to report, and it gets dull to type the same things over and over (and, I'm sure - to read the same things over and over).

At any rate - I'm excited because (although I have to work today) I have a long weekend coming up. And Thanksgiving is an awesome holiday. It's full of my absolute favorite things to eat, lots of family, focusing on good things that we're thankful for, and it's the kick-off to the Christmas season... from Thanksgiving until New Year's is pretty much my favorite time of year.

Tomorrow Christmas dinner is at Mark's mom's house - it will be overrun with family as always, I'm sure. On Friday, my parents and sister will arrive in MI, and on Saturday, my brother and sister-in-law will join us, and we'll have our own little family time. It's been over a year and a half since most of my family has been out to MI (Meg just visited a couple of weeks ago).

I'm praying for a great weekend - the weather should be gorgeous, and I know the logistics will work out fine and dandy. But I specifically am hoping for everyone to feel loved and blessed as a result of the time they spend with family and friends this weekend - that God would just reach into the middle of our time together and do His thing.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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