Monday, December 11, 2006

lazy weekend, busy Monday

No joke - everyone needs a weekend like mine once in awhile. Mark and I had unprecedented amounts of free time, and it was fabulous!! We went to the movies (twice!), had dinner together, ate lunch with a bunch of friends, and just enjoyed being able to relax, ignore the laundry, and be in each other's company. Just what the doctor ordered...
And that made it a lot easier to come to work on a very busy Monday. Finals week is upon us, but that often brings the students out in droves - worried about grades, admission to the college, courses for next semester, and much more. It was a rewarding day, however, busy as it was. Lots of fun meeting new people, and (hopefully) easing some anxiety.
And I'm off for our last WyldLife of 2006 - we'll be on hiatus until school is back in session!
Happy Monday!

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