Monday, December 18, 2006

movies and stars

I'm Feeling: a bit headache-y, actually
Background Noise: What Child is This by Sarah McLachlan

Last night we tried to figure this out - and I think Mark and I have watched 12 movies in the past 10 days... 4 in the theatre, 6 at home/rentals. YIKES!! I like movies a lot, but that's about 24 hours worth of sitting on my rear end and staring at a screen. I think it's time to get some stuff done...

Our weekend "away" was fabulous - we slept in, stayed up late, went shopping at the outlet malls, watched movies, cooked dinner, ate out, laughed a lot. On our way up to the cabin on Thursday night, we had an amazing display of Northern Lights, (not quite as bright as those pictures, but definitely a large, glowing green band in the sky... it was awesome!) and TWO shooting stars (that shot straight through the pretty light show we were watching). The next day, we saw two separate rainbows on the way to the outlets. God was putting on quite a show for us... it was awfully cool.

Mark's on his way to the UP right now, to return on Thursday - so I'm gonna write Christmas cards, work out, have dinner with a friend from work, wrap some presents, and get ready for next week while he's gone. I always miss him when he's gone, but it's so nice that we just got to spend a good chunk of time together.

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