Wednesday, January 10, 2007

the family at 422

Here are the two men who live in my house - duking it out over the football game on Monday night (which actually, sadly, turned out to not be much of a battle). Despite the intensity of the picture, no one in our house had very strong feelings about the game (Brooks's fiancee is from Columbus, OH, and Mark just happened to have a Florida sweatshirt) - we turned it off to watch 2 episodes of Scrubs together, then went to bed by 11:00pm. Didn't know how the game ended until Tuesday morning. Die hard fans, we are not. That's good, though - because no fistfights actually break out because of something silly like football - but the smile-y pictures (while handsome, of course) are just not as funny.

Here's a picture of the three of us at the New Year's Eve party - we needed a least one of our little "family" before the holidays ended. It's a lot of fun (for all of us) to have Brooks living with us. By the time he gets married in July, he'll have been at our house for almost a full year. It'll be strange to not have him around anymore after that (but ultimately, probably much better for his marriage to not have to share a house with us.)

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