Monday, January 29, 2007

good times, good times

This weekend was really fun - just as busy as predicted, but it went really well. I'm easily put off by busy weekends (especially when they're sandwiched between busy weeks, and followed by another busy weekend...), and so I did my best this weekend to enjoy the time and tasks that the Lord put in front of me. Didn't come through it perfectly, but better than usual.
-Jerry Seinfeld was SO funny - my face and tummy hurt from laughing so hard
-Mark's HOSA conference went really well - it was a good day work-wise, and a good day hanging out with our little family
-Abbey (Brooks's future wife) joined us Saturday night and we played a fun board game
-Mark and I enjoyed Dale and Cheryl's company for the FFA Alumni Spaghetti Fundraiser on Sunday
-We visited with Mark's whole family (15 total - 16 including our niece/nephew who is still in Stephanie's belly)last night - ate pizza, placed bets on whether the new baby would be a boy or girl, what color hair it would have (if it would have hair), etc.
Mostly - it was a good time to laugh and enjoy the company. I wasn't as lazy/relaxed as I would have liked to be - but I did a LOT of living.

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