Friday, January 26, 2007

fun stuff

I found this yesterday, sent it to Mark, and bookmarked it on my computer at work. Seriously... I can't help but start cracking up - the third time the cameraman (I'm assuming a dad-type person) makes that "bing!" noise, I just lose it. SO FUNNY. What a great site to have - I think it will come in handy for those stressful moments that can pop up.

For any who are interested - Mark and I loved Freedom Writers - it was a cheesy, uplifting movie - but without the cheese. In a sense, you know that things are going to end up well, but there are some awfully intense moments along the way - really powerfully done. And I like that kind of movie anyway (even the cheesy ones). $16.00 well spent.

Got a busy weekend - we're going to see Jerry Seinfeld at the Wharton Center on campus tonight, heading toward Detroit tomorrow for a HOSA conference (Brooks and I have been recruited to help with some as-yet-unnamed tasks... it should be fun. I always like doing these). Saturday night is church and hanging out with Brooks and Abbey, Sunday is a fund-raiser spaghetti lunch thing, and then visiting with Mark's brother and SIL, and sister and BIL and nephews. Should be fun. I'm excited, but afraid I'll burn out by Sunday night (which is poor timing for a burn-out). However, I feel like that may be a self-fulfilling prophecy - so I've decided it's going to be fun and energizing to see so many people, be able to serve and hang out and play games and connect. Bring it on!!

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