Thursday, January 04, 2007

my mouth tastes funny

I had a chicken enchilada & rice for lunch (hooray for Lean Cuisines!) - and now my mouth tastes funny. I'm sure that brushing or chewing some gum would solve this problem. Ought to get around to that before my office is flooded with students for Orientation Advising (yep, it's that time of year - AGAIN). I really like Orientation - it's fast, you get to see a lot of students, and I like the challenge of leaving students feeling heard and valued. It's going to be a busy afternoon in our office!
(warning - complete change of subject with zero transition)
I'm one of those people that really isn't friends with anyone from high school anymore - we all kinda lost track of each other (actually - I don't know if that's true. I lost track of everyone). I exchange Christmas cards every year from my friend Cory - and I love getting her cards - she always includes a picture of her daughters (she has four now!) and a note. This year, I was home for Christmas and ran into my friend Susan at church on Christmas Eve. It's so strange to have a long history with someone, but feel like total strangers at the same time. I've decided I want to try to get back in touch (at least with Cory and Susan - I'm not even sure how to find some of my other old friends) with some people from high school. Any advice on breaking back into our friendships?

2 thoughts:

Coryell said...

I got excited when I saw someone spell their name like me, but then I got sad when I saw that it was a girl. Disappointment...

If you want to be real creepy you can just do a people search online for them and then find their addresses and mail them a letter.|563794820

Julie said...

I don't like those meals because they leave that funny taste.

I was actually thinking about old friends the other day, too. I think I'll make that one of my goals this year. To find someone from each of my old high schools. You can hold me to that.