Monday, January 15, 2007


I detest driving in the wintertime. I only live about 11 miles from work, but I was physically exhausted by the time I got here (which was 7:00am - an exhausting time to show up even on a warm and sunny day). Right now, the roads have a layer of ice, then one of snow, and now another one of ice. It's absolutely delightful. At least I'm here, and I'm not leaving again for another 8 hours.

An update on my trust post - In true "God fashion", I've been treated to an interesting array of wake-up calls on my heart and attitude, and His character. Since I don't really like leaving everyone with the mopey-ness of the last blog, I'll share a little of what He's been showing me.

1. I'm a chosen, beloved daughter of the Creator of the universe. The hairs on my head are numbered, and He loves me, delights in me, and finds joy in me. This one is extremely hard for me to believe at times - but it's really true.
2. God sent His only son Jesus to die for me, His daughter, in order that I might be rescued from my sin. God went to ultimate lengths to repair our relationship.
3. When I look at those two truths - it seems so childish for me to question what He has in store for me. How can I not believe I will be provided for? Not that God's amazing love for me means He will give me everything I want, and a wonderfully easy life - but I can know with absolute certainty that my life is not haphazard. His eye is on the sparrow - how much more so is it on me?

So, while I'm still struggling with the fact that I want (I want I want I want) things to go a certain way, and there is no one who can tell me if they will or not... I know that One who is much smarter than I am is in control. And that's OK. Not easy - but it's not supposed to be easy.

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