Tuesday, January 23, 2007

a whole night!

This afternoon I will leave my office at 4:30, drive home... and STAY there! :) This doesn't happen very often, so I get excited when it does. I'll probably do really exciting things like lay around in my sweatpants, read a book, workout (I hope I hope), cook dinner, and watch Scrubs with Mark and Brooks. Generally, I really like to be busy - but I can only go non-stop for so long without, well, stopping. (guess it's not really nonstop then, huh?)

Tomorrow - I work until 11:30am, then I'm having lunch at P.F. Chang's with Jane, then it's off to coffee with Mere at Beaner's. At 4:00, I'm getting a free facial - one hour of fun pampering - I won a drawing that I entered at Main Dish Kitchen, woohoo! And then it's date night with my hubby. Sounds like I've got a good couple of days coming up here.

In all my busy-ness, I'm finding that there are lots of things I value, things I want to be central to my everyday life, that I'm neglecting. That's not good. A couple of years ago, I was trying to work on my discipline with things like working out, reading scripture, drinking enough water, etc. I created a system where I set goals, and gave myself little rewards when I met them for a week/month/whatever. I think I may need to do that again. I like rewards... so do cute puppies!

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