Tuesday, February 20, 2007

my not so fun weekend

I left work at 4:30pm on Friday, all excited for a semi-relaxing weekend - get some laundry done, visit with friends, and enjoy a fairly open schedule. By 4:45pm, my plans had changed fairly drastically...

My beautiful, shiny, new blue car and I were in a fairly major accident just minutes after I left the office. No one was hurt (just general soreness and neck pain that are pretty standard with car accidents), but my car was in pretty sad shape. Not sure if it's officially totaled or not - the auto body place is supposed to get back with us sometime today. I'm hoping that the engine wasn't really damaged and that it's just going to take some extensive body work and a new airbag to fix 'er up again.

I've been in a couple very minor accidents before - the kind where there was really no damage done and insurance companies weren't even notified - so this was a new experience. I was shocked, scared - and had a really sick feeling that my lovely new car was in such condition after 2 days. So much for me feeling comfortable driving a new car around.

At any rate - everyone is OK - hopefully I'll be posting soon to tell you that they'll be able to return my car to me someday, all put back together again. In the meantime - drive safe, look both ways (3 or 4 times, just to be sure), and pay your insurance bill!!

2 thoughts:

Mark and Courtney said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your accident! I know you're hoping otherwise, but I hope they total your car. A car with major damage that's been fixed tends not to have as safe a frame as a new one. Either way, I'm SO glad you're not hurt! :)

Julie said...

Oh, Katie, I'm so sorry about your accident! I pray that your body is healing quickly and that you don't have too many flashbacks while driving.