Friday, February 23, 2007


Yup - it's February, it's Michigan, and despite all odds - I see the sun! And I have seen it every day this week!! I also see muddy patches of brownish-green grass where the icy snow-slush has melted away. Gosh, spring is such a magical time. :)

Life is moving along much like normal this week - no firm word yet on the status of the car, although it's looking like we may be car-shopping again in the near future. I don't think we can get the same amazing deal twice in a row, but hopefully I will drive the car for more than two days, and it will thus be worth the extra money.

As much as car accidents stink, and as NO-FUN as this week has been, I realized on Wednesday that I prefer my adult problems to the troubles and pains that teenagers deal with regularly. I spent some time hanging out with one of my 8th grade friends this week - she is dealing with feeling left out, boy troubles, friend troubles... she is such a lovely, sweet-hearted girl and I love her to bits. I sat and watched her as she poured out some of these troubles - her face was so earnest. I wanted so badly to let her know that it WILL get better. I tried to listen, comfort, make her laugh, and give her some ideas about how to approach some of these situations - but I have no idea if I was effective. Hopefully, she at least felt loved. It's strange to realize that you'd rather total your car than deal with that kind of heartache.

It's been a tough winter - but I can see that spring is around the corner, and that makes me smile.

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