Monday, February 05, 2007

my weekend

I had quite an adventurous weekend - the windchill was about 20 below zero, the snow was knee-high in many places, and I was responsible for a cabin of 15 8th grade girls. It was incredible. The sheer exhaustion and the near-frostbite I experienced paled in comparison to the joy of spending my days and nights with these ladies. They are funny, warm-hearted, mature, silly, serious and spontaneous all at the same time.

There were many moments that left me speechless - more than one that moved me to tears - and uncountable ones that are tattooed on my
heart. Praise God!

This is the whole group we took from Greater Lansing - over 80 kids!

My sumo friends, Christy and Sara!

Our cabin after less than 24 hours at camp...

Most of the girls, hanging out before dinner!

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