Thursday, February 01, 2007

The 'Seller

For those of you who aren't intimately familiar with Mason, MI (the county seat of Ingham County) - we're almost 8,000 strong, our mascot is the Bulldogs, and there is an achingly quaint town square in the center of town, surrounding the courthouse. The square is lined with all the appropriate businesses - a fabric store, lawyers, hairdresser, ice cream parlor, drug store, and (one of my Personal Favorites) a small bookstore/coffee shop called Bestseller's. Up until a few months ago, Bestseller's was not open on Sundays, and they still close at 7:00pm most nights. But it has fabulous small-town charm, free wi-fi, and really cute glasses to serve their signature coffee drinks (Mason Mocha, anyone?).

Yesterday afternoon, I pulled up in front of Mason Middle School a little before 2:30pm - joined the endless line of minivans and station wagons with moms at the wheel. My friends Christy, Huntar and Natalee jumped in the car, and we were off to the 'Seller. We had yummy drinks, cookies and muffins, we took a quiz from GL magazine "Are You Too Nice?" We played with the wooden train set in the children's book section and read out loud to each other. It was amazing. I've known these girls since they were in 6th grade - and to watch them today... my heart was overwhelmed. They're funny, they're observant, they're warm-hearted - and they're turning into such delightful, impressive young women. I'm so honored to be their friend.

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