Friday, April 13, 2007

can you ever just be whelmed?

(Before my post really gets going - who knows what movie the title of my post is from? Don't be afraid to reveal just how many mediocre teen movies you've watched!!)
I think being "whelmed" is my new goal. Underwhelmed sounds like it's always a bad thing - expectations aren't being met and nothing is turning out the way you thought it would. Even though it sounds bad, overwhelmed can be a good thing - if you're overwhelmed with the deliciosity (I like to make up new words) of your Cold Stone ice cream, or overwhelmed by how gorgeous the sunrise was today - but it still sounds like it's about to put you over the edge. A little bit dangerous.
I'd like to be whelmed.
Just the right amount of emotion, experience and passion - enough to wake you up, make you sit back and say "wow - life really can be pretty incredible," and just find joy in the moment.
Lately, I feel like I've been overwhelmed a lot. Big things (not so fun things) have been happening in my life recently, and I've been letting them get to me more than I should. My husband bears the brunt of my self-pity parties when this happens. It's a drag (mostly for him).
So, as of 7:17 this morning, I've decided to aim for being whelmed. For me, that means recognizing that I need feet to fit the path God has for me (not the other way around). It means that I need to allow myself to smile, laugh, and be cheered up - even when so many things feel unfulfilling, frustrating and/or just plain hard. It means that I can find joy in each moment, no matter what.
In case you've been wondering - the title of my blog, "A Heartful of Eternity" comes from Ecclesiastes 3:11.
He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the hearts of men; yet they cannot fathom what God has done from beginning to end.

I love that verse, for so many reasons. I find such profound comfort in the reminder that the Lord makes everything beautiful - in its own time. My occasional dissatisfaction with life/people/circumstances is my heart crying out for eternity - a reminder that we were created for more than this. God fashioned us in His image - and we are programmed to desire our home. And I definitely definitely cannot fathom what God has done from beginning to end. All I can fathom is my own little corner of the world - so big to me, so small to the rest of the world - yet still so important to God.
That verse helps me focus on being whelmed. So when I have to juggle many things, as everyone does (I know there is no sleep deprivation but such that is common to man... there is no struggle with work but such that is common to man...) - I can remember that juggling is fun - like all other things, it's what I make of it. This guy is pretty impressive - I mean, I've mastered the art of juggling two things at once (you may commence to "ooh" and "aah" at my jaw-dropping skill level).

3 thoughts:

April said...

It is a great thing to refocus yourself every now and again! We could all use it from time to time. That verse was a great one to start with! I found your site through blue bird and love your new design!

Mark and Courtney said...

I wonder how many times he beaned himself in the head learning how to do that? Makes you remember--it takes practice to become a good juggler, even in life! :)

Munchkin Land said...

Is it bad that I recognized that quote instantly?! 10 Things I Hate About You, right? I found you via Susie's site and I just had to say that she did a wonderful job on your design.

I loved this post, and it was a great reminder for me. Thank you. I'll be back...