Monday, April 16, 2007

not-so-little miss sunshine

Funny how some things that we enjoy SO much can actually be a little scary! I was thinking about how lovely it was to see the sun shining all day yesterday... so I googled "sun" to find a picture for today's post. This may sound silly, but I'd forgotten that the bright blue sky and warm seats in our car were provided courtesy of a gi-normous ball of burning gas. Yesterday's soft, warm light seems pretty intense when you look at it this way...

I was thinking that I could make some sort of deep, philosophical connection to the fact that we take for granted the true source of so many things in our lives - but I honestly don't have the energy for it right now. Maybe I'll make a note and blog about it some other time. :)

For right now - I'm enjoying my morning yogurt, catching up on the emails that came in over the weekend, and trying to wrap my poor Monday-morning-head around all the things that need to be accomplished this week.

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