Tuesday, April 17, 2007

six degrees of God

Through an incredibly complicated series of blog-linkings (I confess, I like to click on the "Blogs I Read" links of "Blogs I Read" links of the Blogs I Read and see if I find anything good... and I've found some treasures, let me tell you) I've stumbled (correction - God has led me) across an online community of Christian women that blow me away with their humor, candor, and genuine love for the Lord and one another.
Tomorrow (Wednesday, April 18th), BooMama is hosting a love offering for Heather, who recently received the news that she has a (most likely) inoperable brain tumor. Read "About Heather" and "Emma Grace's Story" to witness the journey that God has already led this family on. It's a blessing, to be sure. The strength and faith in her words absolutely blows me away.
Anyway - hospitalization, etc. can be awfully expensive, and Heather's family could use our support. So stop by BooMama's site tomorrow (minimum donation of just $1.00) and show some love.

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