Tuesday, April 10, 2007

where, oh where could she be?

I'm here, gearing up for busy season. Or rather - trying to survive busy season. Between my work, Mark's work, WyldLife, and the normal family/friends/life... at least no one can say we're letting the days slip by without making the most of them!
I was in Chicagoland all last week with my family - my dad suffered a major heart attack on March 31st - he is home now, resting, recuperating - and doing awfully well, all things considered. Thanks to all who kept him in your prayers. God was really covering him - it was so encouraging to see!
We had a nice Easter - I spent two of three services at Riverview helping in the nursery, and thoroughly enjoyed the service I attended. Music was awesome, the message was great - and I felt like I was really connecting to Easter and its meaning for my life more than I had been.
The distractions in my life in the past 6 weeks have in some senses made it tough for me to wrap my head around stuff. Praise God for small blessings - unexpected emails, a LOT of laughing with friends at dinner, a chance to chat with people I haven't seen in awhile, and getting to bed early on the weekends. The Lord truly knows what my needs are - and He's got them covered.

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Dan Price said...

Good to see you guys this weekend.