Thursday, March 29, 2007

bad habits?

That picture totally grosses me out - who can bite their nails that much?? I bite my nails - not as a nervous habit, but when they're looong or snagged or other things - my teeth work as a makeshift grooming device. It's a habit I wish I could drop, as it basically precludes me wearing any sort of nail polish. What about acrylic nails, you ask? Oh, I've tried that too. I rip them off. Once they start getting loose, I tear those nasty little nails right off my fingers. Yes, it hurts. And it looks terrible. Which is why I don't pay someone to glue fake nails to my hands.

What bad habits would you get rid of if you could?

ps. This just in from WKAB - Katie DID get to the grocery store yesterday. She is now in possession of Eggo waffles, yogurt, cheese, and other sundry items. Thanks for your concern.

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Julie said...

GOOD NIGHT! That's gross!

I used to bite my nails pretty bad. In jr high I decided that I liked nail polish. I found that I wouldn't bite my nails with the polish on and picking it off gave me the shivers.

That basically cured me of my habit.

Oh... the habits I have now... I pick my eyebrows when I'm reading. Sometimes so bad that I get a bald spot.