Tuesday, June 26, 2007

sister time

When I tell people that my sister is coming into town for the weekend, they always ask me things like, "Ooh, that'll be fun. Will you go shopping?" or "Do you have big 'going out' plans?"
Probably not.
What will happen:
We'll go to the grocery store and get some snacks and whatever we need to make a pizza with extra cheese and mushrooms.
We'll rent movies - sometimes good, sometimes bad, sometimes one of each.
We'll giggle uncontrollably about highly unladylike and childish things.
I'll paint her toenails, then paint my own. She's a very talented gal, but completely unable to paint the toenail without painting the whole toe.
We'll take walks, read books, go to Starbucks, pick up some Arby's.
And basically have a lovely, we-really-didn't-do-much-but-look-how-much-we-got-done weekend.
I love those weekends.

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